Asking a girl out can feel nerve-wracking, especially when you’re unsure of how she’ll respond. However, knowing how to speak confidently and calmly can make all the difference!

One of the best tips for speaking with confidence is to phrase your date invitation as a statement rather than a question. This shows that you’re confident in what you’re saying and makes her more likely to say yes.

1. You’re confident in yourself

You may think you have to be confident in order to ask a girl out, but the truth is that confidence is something that can be learned. If you practice being confident until it becomes natural, you will feel more comfortable asking her out and she will be more likely to say yes.

Confidence is not arrogance, but rather a quiet sense of self worth that comes from knowing that your value is intrinsic and not dependent on what others think or how you perform. This is the foundation of good self esteem, which in turn will make it easier for you to ask her out.

If you are not confident, she will pick up on this and think twice about asking you out.

2. You’re confident in your approach

When you’re confident in your approach, you can be direct and ask her out. This will show that you’re not afraid to put yourself out there and be rejected. Girls will appreciate that quality in a man.

It’s important to be confident in your approach because it will allow you to speak at a slower, steady pace. Many guys make the mistake of speaking too quickly when they’re nervous, which can come off as rushed and desperate.

Also, it’s a good idea to use the information you know about her in your approach. If you know she likes jazz music, for example, ask her to a jazz concert. This will give your invitation a personal touch and make it more likely to get a positive response.

3. You’re confident in her response

If you’re thinking about asking that cutie out, it means she has caught your attention. And while it might be scary to ask her out, cowardice will get you nowhere!

She might smile, say yes or even hug you. In any case, she will appreciate your confidence and will be more inclined to give you her phone number.

Girls despise doormats, so don’t be afraid to show some self-esteem and make a move! Remember, she can always say no, but at least you’ll know that you did it yourself and didn’t rely on her friends to do it for you. And that’s a lot better than letting her think you’re a complete coward. Good luck!

4. You’re confident in your choice of words

If you want to ask a girl out, it is important that your choice of words are confident. Many people tend to raise the pitch of their voice when they are nervous or uncertain, which can be a big turn-off for women.

A great way to avoid this is to phrase your date invitation as a statement rather than a question. This will help to convey confidence and certainty, which will make her more likely to agree.

It is also important to remember that if she says no, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, research has shown that the emotional pain from being rejected by someone you like shares some of the same neural and chemical substrates as stubing your toe.

5. You’re confident in your body language

Asking a girl out is not something to be taken lightly, but it’s also not something that should scare you into hiding or making yourself seem insecure. If you are nervous about how you are going to approach her, she will pick up on that, and may even be turned off by it.

Maintaining a confident stance and making eye contact can help you look and feel more confident, which can be attractive to her. Avoid putting your hand in your pocket or holding your head in your hands, as this can come across as indecisive or non-committal.

Be sure to compliment her, but make it more meaningful than just “you’re hot”. Compliment her on her intelligence or wit, and let her know that spending time with you would be enjoyable for her.