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As of July 1, 2012, the OWL Teacher Center will be collecting fees for courses and workshops due to severe cuts in our funding. One credit courses will be $35, 2 credits $70, and 3 credits $95. Professional circles will also be $35. Workshop fees will vary according to number of hours. There will be a $50 service charge for graduate courses in addition to the tuition paid to the college.
We hope that you understand the impact of losing 75% of our funding for 2013, and that these fees will help sustain us in these very difficult times.

To request SAS Curriculum Pathways training for groups of teachers, please email the director at


DASA Training at the OWL Teacher Center

The Dignity for All Students Act requires all newly certified (December 31, 2013 and after) educators to undergo a minimum of 6 hours of training by a NYS certified provider.
The OWL Teacher Center, a state certified provider, is offering 6 hour workshops for all New York teachers who are required to take them. Workshop dates will be added according to demand.
Our instructors will be conducting the workshops according to the following schedule:

Workshop Schedule for Fall 2014

DASA Training at Levittown Memorial Education Center
150 Abbey Lane Room 320
Levittown, NY 11756
Monday, November 17, 2014
3:45-7:00 pm, plus 3 hours of online assignments

To register for the above course, print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.

Workshop Schedule for December 2014

DASA Training at Connetquot High School
Saturday, December 6, 2014
8:15 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Connetquot HS – 2nd Floor Library
190 Seventh St.
Bohemia, NY 11716


To register for the above course, print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.


NYS Teacher Center Online Academy (OLA)
All OLA courses are 15 in-service hours. OLA Course Fee: $150 per course
Register using MyLearningPlan at
If you already have a MyLearningPlan ID, register at
Check out the OLA website for detailed descriptions, course requirements and expectations -
before registering!
October 16 – December 4, 2014

Are You Ready to Dive Deeper into the Common Core?
Instructor: Emily Peterson
Grade level: K-8

The full integration of the Common Core Learning Standards takes teachers and administrators to implement them and examine them in action. The New York State Curriculum is a rich and valuable resource, only if it is used. The course will take participants to a deeper level then what they experienced in “Unpacking the NYS Common Core Standards”. It takes the suggestions of past participants to increase hands-on experiences and increase collaboration amongst course members. This course will require participants to video record themselves teaching with protocols. This opportunity provides a rich opportunity to critique and improve instruction through self-analysis. Previous participation in “Unpacking the NYS Common Core Standards” is not a requirement.

Close Reading, One Sentence at a Time
: George Lohmann
Grade level: 5-12
By focusing on the microcosm of a single exceptionally written sentence (or pair of sentences), i.e., the adage, students can explore the vast majority of rhetorical tools used by most writers of the English language. This course will provide strategies to be used in ALL content areas that will aid your students in understanding the use of rhetorical strategies that aid the writers in conveying meaning. You will create two ten to twenty minute lessons using this strategy.

Digital Resources to Complement Learning Styles
Instructor: Denise Lewis
Grade level: K-12
The primary goal of this course is to acquaint educators with 21st century tools to differentiate instruction for diverse learners. Participants will be able to customize and upgrade lesson plans with digital tools and web-based resources that will address the unique needs of students. Digital Resources to Complement Learning Styles will provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to connect students with standards-based curriculum through easy to use Web tools.

Using Google Tools for Collaboration, Enrichment and Differentiation of Instruction
Instructor: Dorit Eilon
Grade level: K-12

This fun and engaging course, offered by a Google Certified Educator, is designed to provide information and examples of various Google tools available to enhance the learning experiences of different learners. Participants will explore Google Earth, Google Docs (collaborative presentations, spreadsheets, documents and forms) Google Apps and Google SketchUp. Examples of how these tools can be integrated with different subject areas that are aligned to national and NYS standards will be shared. To complete this course, participants will create online collaborative materials, a mini project, and develop a plan to implement Google tools into their curriculum to promote learning in a 21st century environment. Participation in discussions, sharing of ideas and feedback is important and promotes professional growth.

Notes: All courses require internet access and a comfort level with email, Microsoft Word and uploading documents. Some require knowledge of other technologies or programs. Participants are expected to log in and work with the class site at least 3 times each week. Scholarships may be provided through your local NYS Teacher Center. Please secure approval from your home district, if needed, in advance. Syllabi, Road Maps and Course Policies can be found on the NYSTC OLA website along with the Standards for Online Learning, FAQ’s, and other useful information. No refunds will be issued after the start of the OLA courses.

NYSTC OLA is administered by Rockland Teachers’ Center, 65 Chapel Street, Garnerville, NY 10923.
Questions? Contact Rockland Teachers’ Center: / 845-553-9516

NYS Teacher Center Online Academy is a program of the
NYS Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers
with the support of New York Institute of Technology.


Peer Support for the Common Core
A 45 hour program given in three 15 hour segments for
Grades 6-8 Classroom Teachers, All Subject Areas

Instructor: Debbie Weinstein

Approved for advancement to MA75for Lindenhurst teachers.

As we are all facing challenges while adapting to Common Core shifts in education, long term professional development is extremely beneficial to educators. This course will continue throughout the school year, enabling teachers to both receive help during class time and provide assistance to their fellow colleagues outside of class. Collaborating with colleagues will give us an opportunity to feel comfortable asking for help at a time when we need it most.

Peer Support for the Common Core will involve two components:
A) informative discussions on Common Core Standards and how they may be applied to all content areas and
B) a peer coaching experience that will involve 2 of the 15 class hours being used to collaborate with fellow colleagues outside of the school day. These collegial discussions will be based on peer classroom observations which will focus on different aspects of the Common Core discussed in class. For this part, it is imperative that at least two people from a building be registered, so that they may participate in the peer observations within their building.

* Participants do not need to sign up for all 3 components of the course in order to register, although it is suggested that they do. Each section will focus on a different set of CCLS:
Fall classes= 15 hours with focus on Reading standards
Winter classes=15 hours with focus on Writing standards
Spring classes= 15 hours with focus on Speaking and Listening standards

In addition to the above, this course will include enhancement of teacher portfolios (aka evidence/artifact binders) for APPR by addressing the following components of Domain 4 of the Danielson Rubric:

4a. Reflecting on Teaching
4b. Participating in a Professional Community
4e. Growing and Developing Professionally

Fall Dates:

Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014, 8 am-1 pm and
Tuesdays, Oct. 7, 21; Nov. 4 & 18, 3-5 pm,
plus 2 hours collaboration time outside school day 15 hours, 1 inservice credit
Winter Dates:

Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014, 8 am-1 pm and
Tuesdays, Dec. 16; Jan. 13 & 27; Feb. 10, 3-5 pm,
plus 2 hours collaboration time outside school day 15 hours, 1 inservice credit
Spring Dates:

Saturday, Mar. 7, 2014, 8 am-1 pm and
Tuesdays, Mar. 17, 31; April 14 & 28, 3-5 pm,
plus 2 hours collaboration time outside school day 15 hours, 1 inservice credit

Lindenhurst Middle School Rm N117
Fees: $35 per credit; $70 for 2 credits; $95 for all 3 creditsTo register: Print out the registration form and send with payment.

Site: Lindenhurst Middle School Rm N117
Fees: $35 per credit; $70 for 2 credits; $95 for all 3 credits

Deadline for Fall registration: September 29, 2014

To register for the above course, print out this form and mail it according to the instructions.


Grades 6-12 – All Subject Areas
Instructors: Jennifer Ketcham & Jeanette Wolters-Lennon

Part 1. Teaching in a New Way

Dates: Thursdays, Oct. 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2014 plus 3 hours of online learning
: 3:15 – 6:15 pm
In this course, teachers will be guided to see teaching through new eyes. Participants will examine the Habits of Mind, a pattern of intellectual behaviors that leads to productive actions. These characteristics have been identified in successful people from all walks of life. The course will focus on 16 Habits of Mind that teachers and parents can teach, cultivate, observe, and assess. The intent is to help students get into the habit of behaving intelligently.

PVLEGS – Poise Voice Life Eye contact Gestures Speed – developed by Erik Palmer
Do you want to cultivate better speaking in class discussions, better explanations of solutions demonstrated at the board, and better speaking in general? PVLEGS is a framework that works for all types of speaking and improves oral communication in any class. Participants will also engage in discussions about co-teaching and breaking the isolation of the 21st century classroom.

Part 2. Assessing the Situation
Dates: Thursdays, Nov. 13, 20; Dec. 4 & 11, 2014 plus 3 hours of online learning
Time: 3:15 – 6:15 pm
In this course, teachers will address the question, “What do they know, and how do we know they know it?” Participants will engage in discussions about and development of formative and summative assessments, development of rubrics, and specific strategies for differentiation of instruction. Teachers will be given a plethora of tools and resources, both physical and virtual, to aid in the ongoing development of assessments and instructional techniques. We will be looking at the research and writings of experts including Carol Ann Tomlinson and Jay McTighe, among others.

Part 3. Pushing the Envelope
Dates: Thursdays, March 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2015 plus 3 hours of online learning
: 3:15 – 6:15 pm
In this course, teachers will learn to teach for deeper understanding through effective questioning, reading and writing techniques and strategies. Reading and writing in the non-ELA classroom will be discussed. The use of Essential Questions will be studied, as well as questioning to elicit higher order thinking. Specifically, the ideas found in The Core Six-Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence With the Common Core and Essential Questions; Opening Doors to Student Understanding will be addressed in this course.

Site: Lindenhurst High School, Room TBA

To register for Educator Essentials, print out the following form and follow instructions.

Deadline for registration:
Part 1: Sept. 26, 2014
Part 2: Nov. 7, 2014
Part 3: Feb. 27, 2014




The Owl Teacher Center,
the North Babylon School District,
and Molloy College


Why is it now beneficial to obtain an ESL or bilingual extension certificate?

Over the past 10 years, New York State ELL student enrollment has increased by 20%, and currently over 230,000 ELLs make up 8.9% of the total public student population. Most recently, the NYS laws that govern the education of ELLs, known as the CR-Part154 regulations, have been revised, which in turn has increased the need for teachers who are dually certified in both specific content areas and ESL.  For example, the regulations now state that "dually certified teachers" could provide ELL students with both content area and ENL (English as a New Language) credits during one class period. The regulations also state that ELL students should be receiving "Integrated ENL instruction" anywhere from 1/2-2 units each week, meaning that students will be expected to receive instruction from either a content area and ESL teacher co-teaching, OR by a dually certified teacher alone.  The regulations also state that students who test proficient on the NYSESLAT should continue to receive support for up to two years by appropriately certified staff.  The need for teachers who are experts in their content areas and also have the skills needed to provide language support to ELL's is increasing, along with the ELL population here in New York. Finally, ESL instructional strategies are applicable to all learners to make content more comprehensible and to provide language support for students.
These extension courses, which cost $3,000 each on campus, will be available to teachers at a deeply discounted rate of $900 per course. Classes would meet in North Babylon for face to face sessions. Part of the coursework will be done online.

In order to schedule an informational meeting with Molloy College, we must guarantee that a minimum of 20 teachers will attend. The meeting will be held in the North Babylon HS during the month of January.

At this time, we would like to hear from all educators who would be interested in attending this meeting. Please email with the following information:

  • First and Last name
  • Personal Email address
  • Day of the week you prefer for a 4 p.m. meeting (Monday through Thursday)
  • Please type Molloy Meeting in the subject field of your email.

Deadline for email indicating interest: December 1, 2014


If you have questions about this program, please feel free to email the director, Jennifer Bova, at


The OWL Teacher Center
350 Daniel Street
Lindenhurst, NY 11757


























Local Workshops and Resources designed specifically for parents of preschool through high school students.

Emotional Intelligence Solutions

Educating the Heart and the Mind
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