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As of July 1, 2012, the OWL Teacher Center will be collecting fees for courses and workshops due to severe cuts in our funding. One credit courses will be $35, 2 credits $70, and 3 credits $95. Professional circles will also be $35. Workshop fees will vary according to number of hours. There will be a $50 service charge for graduate courses in addition to the tuition paid to the college.
We hope that you understand the impact of losing 75% of our funding for 2013, and that these fees will help sustain us in these very difficult times.

To request SAS Curriculum Pathways training for groups of teachers, please email the director at


DASA Training at the OWL Teacher Center

The Dignity for All Students Act requires all newly certified (December 31, 2013 and after) educators to undergo a minimum of 6 hours of training by a NYS certified provider.
The OWL Teacher Center, a state certified provider, is offering 6 hour workshops for all New York teachers who are required to take them. Workshop dates will be added according to demand.
Our instructors will be conducting the workshops according to the following schedule:

Workshop Schedule for March 2015

DASA Training at Southampton Intermediate School
70 Leland Lane
Southampton, NY
Tuesday, March 31, 2015 3:45 p.m.-7:00 pm, in the School Library
plus 3 hours of online assignments

To register, print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.


Workshop Schedule for April 2015

DASA Training at Valley Stream Memorial Jr. High School
320 Fletcher Ave. Room 219
Valley Stream, NY 11580
Monday, April 20, 2015
4:15 p.m.-7:30 pm, plus 3 hours of online assignments

To register, print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions below.


Peer Support for the Common Core
A 30 hour (2 credit) program given in two 15 hour segments for
Grades 6-8 Classroom Teachers, All Subject Areas

Approved for advancement to MA75

Instructor: Debbie Weinstein

As we are all facing challenges while adapting to Common Core shifts in education, professional development is crucial for educators. This course will enable teachers to both receive help during class time and provide assistance to their colleagues outside of class. Collaboration time with colleagues will provide opportunities to become more comfortable asking for help when we need it most.

Peer Support for the Common Core will involve two components:

A) informative discussions on Common Core Standards and how they may be applied to all content areas and

B) a peer coaching experience that will involve 2 of the 15 class hours being used to collaborate with colleagues outside of the school day. These collegial discussions will be based on peer classroom observations which will focus on different aspects of the Common Core discussed in class. For this part, it is imperative that at least two people from a building be registered, so that they may participate in the peer observations within their building.
* Participants do not need to sign up for both components of the course in order to register, although it is suggested that they do. Each section will focus on a different set of CCLS:

Winter classes=15 hours with focus on Reading standards
Spring classes= 15 hours with focus on Writing standards

In addition to the above, this course will include enhancement of teacher portfolios (aka evidence/artifact binders) for APPR by addressing the following components of Domain 4 of the Danielson Rubric:

4a. Reflecting on Teaching
4b. Participating in a Professional Community
4e. Growing and Developing Professionally

Winter Dates: Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014, 8 am-1 pm and Tuesdays, Dec. 16; Jan. 13 & 27; Feb. 10, 3-5 pm, plus 2 hours collaboration time outside school day 15 hours, 1 inservice credit
Spring Dates: Saturday, March 14, 2014, 8 am-1 pm and Tuesdays, Mar. 17, 31; April 14 & 28, 3-5 pm, plus 2 hours collaboration time outside school day 15 hours, 1 inservice credit
Site: Lindenhurst Middle School Rm N117
Fees: $35 per credit; $70 for 2 credits

To register please download this form and return to the Owl Teacher Center. with payment.


NYS Teacher Center Online Academy (OLA)

All OLA courses are 15 in-service hours. OLA Course Fee: $150 per course
Register using MyLearningPlan at
If you already have a MyLearningPlan ID, register at
Check the OLA catalog
for detailed descriptions, course requirements and expectations before registering!

February 4, 2015 – March 19, 2015

Dignity for all Students Act (DASA)
Instructor: Cecile Wren
Grade level: K-12

This online course will provide teachers with a collegial atmosphere that will enable them to create DASA activities that focus on alignment with district goals, the New York State Dignity for All Students Act, and the New York State Common Core Standards. The workshops are customized to meet the specific needs of each district and/or school. Participants will be provided with the opportunity for independent inquiry, learning in cooperation with others, and reflective practice. By participating in these activities, participants will enhance professional dialogue and effectively blend different, innovative, and practical strategies for implementation. As a result, participants will design a toolbox of research-based strategies and competencies will serve as resources for DASA program implementation.

Teens and Technology
Instructor: Peggy DeCooke Ph.D.
Grade level: 6-12

In this online course, we will explore teens' dependence on technology from a developmental perspective, focusing on how teens attend to and process information and why interacting in a virtual space is likely to be so attractive to them. We will explore ways of incorporating technology into the classroom in a reasonable and informed way, as well as how to communicate guidelines for safe and appropriate use.

Using Literature Circles to Enhance Reading
Co-Instructors: Kerri Crawford and Emily Peterson
Grade level: K-8

The common core is asking us to assess text complexity. We must consider qualitative, quantitative, and reader and task. Course participants will examine the criteria for selecting text when conducting their literature circles. Literature Circles add an exciting dimension to a student's literacy experiences. These discussion groups encourage students to be positive members of a literate classroom community while capitalizing on how they personally respond to literature. This course will help the participant explore the various roles of the literature circle and select roles appropriate for their students - regardless of reading level or ability. Participants will conduct and record literature circles in their own classrooms.

Volcano Hunt: The Common Core Way
Instructor: Jim McAndrew
Grade level: 6-12

As you make your way from one volcano to the next using longitude and latitude coordinates, you will participate in creative journaling of your experiences. You will create several exciting smart board projects that involve language arts and science. After completing this course you will be able to modify these projects for use in your own class room at any grade level or subject area. You will become more familiar with the Data Driven Instruction process as you analyze student work, identify needs and design an action plan to improve learning. You will explore the EngageNY website and use it to better understand the NYS Reform Initiative. Every assignment is aligned with the NYS Core Curriculum.

Notes: All courses require internet access and a comfort level with email, Microsoft Word and uploading documents. Some require knowledge of other technologies or programs. Participants are expected to log in and work with the class site at least 3 times each week. Scholarships may be provided through your local NYS Teacher Center. Please secure approval from your home district, if needed, in advance. Syllabi, Road Maps and Course Policies can be found on the OLA catalog along with the Standards for Online Learning, FAQ’s, and other useful information. No refunds will be issued after the start of the OLA courses.

NYSTC OLA is administered by Rockland Teachers’ Center, 65 Chapel Street, Garnerville, NY 10923.
Questions? Contact Rockland Teachers’ Center: / 845-553-9516

NYS Teacher Center Online Academy is a program of the
NYS Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers
with the support of New York Institute of Technology.



Teaching With Technology: iMovie
This course is approved for advancement to MA75 for Lindenhurst teachers.
Instructor: Caitlin Curran

15 hrs; 1 credit (Inservice) Grades K-6
Dates: Wednesdays, January 28; February 4, 25; March 4, 2015 Time: 4-7 p.m.
Site: Harding Ave. School, Lindenhurst Room 106 Fee: $35

Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging multimedia project for your students that addresses multiple Common Core Standards? Project based learning that integrates technology with the Common Core Standards is an
exciting way to showcase student work with audio, pictures & video – all in one production!

This hybrid course will give you the necessary skills to import, edit and create an iMovie.
Face to face classes allow for learning about the app and its features. The 3 hour online component will consist of your editing and creating your project.

The final session will be a showcase with each participant sharing his/her iMovie with the class.

Visit to see what iMovie is all about

Participants will:

• learn to use an iPad to take still photos and video footage.
• learn and apply knowledge of importing/editing still photos, audio, video clips to create an iMovie curriculum project.
• learn to save and publish iMovie projects to your e-board or class website.

*Participants may bring their own iPads, or use iPads belonging to the OWL Teacher Center for this course. Those using an OWL iPad must leave a security deposit of $20 per iPad, which will be collected at the first session.

This course is limited to the first 8 registrants, so please register ASAP.

Deadline for registration: January 21, 2015

To register please download this form and return to the Owl Teacher Center.


OWL Teacher Center to Host Echoes and Reflections

On Thursday, March 12, 2015, at 3:30 p.m. The OWL Teacher Center is hosting an Echoes and Reflections professional development training program for local middle and high school teachers who want to incorporate Holocaust education into their curriculum. A joint program of the Anti-Defamation League, USC Shoah Foundation and Yad Vashem, Echoes and Reflections prepares teachers to teach the complex history of the Holocaust in a way that stimulates engagement, critical thinking and personal understanding among students.

Through this comprehensive program, teachers help students gain relevant insight into how to examine human dilemmas and social challenges, and determine their roles and responsibilities in the world around them.

Teachers attending the event receive professional development training, a Teacher’s Resource Guide, access to an extensive array of visual history testimonies, and unlimited use of supplementary multimedia resources and supportive tools from the expansive Echoes and Reflections website. To reserve your place or find out more, please contact The OWL Teacher Center, Jennifer Bova, at or go to

Kindly type Echoes and Reflections in the subject bar of your email, and include your name in the body.

The OWL Teacher Center will provide a certificate of attendance to those who register for and attend this 3 hour workshop.
Date: Thursday, March 12, 2015
Time: 3:30-6:30 p.m.
Site: Lindenhurst High School, Second Floor, Library 300 Charles St. Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Fee: None

Deadline for registration: March 9, 2015


Teacher Center
for Teachers Grades 6-12

Google Apps for Education
and the Blended Classroom

Instructed by Erik Eve
45 hours, 3 inservice credits
Site: Lindenhurst Middle School, Room S218
Fee: $95
Time: 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Dates: Wednesdays, March 4, 11, 18, 25; April 1, 15, 22, 29; May 6, 13, 20; June 3

This program is open to all teachers, Grades 6-12, interested in all aspects of Google Apps for Education to design lessons and units in their subject areas. Using Google Apps for Education as a bridge, participants will learn how to design and build a paperless classroom. Teachers will also explore the concepts of flipped, blended, differentiated, and project-based learning environments.

Participants will be able to utilize new skills and knowledge, and can begin the process of
functioning in a paperless classroom immediately.

This course is approved for advancement to MA75 for Lindenhurst teachers.

To register please download this form and return to the Owl Teacher Center.


Technology Boot Camp

Instructor:  Beth Read

Approved for advancement to MA75
for Lindenhurst teachers.

45 hours, 3 inservice credits
Grades K-8
Dates: Tuesdays, March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; April 14, 21, 28; May 5
Time:  4-8 p.m.
Plus 9 hour online segment.
Location: Lindenhurst, Albany Ave. School Library 
Fee:  $95

Do you sometimes feel like technology is evolving faster than the speed of light? Do you feel the need to clean up your professional digital life and put it in order? Are there gaps in your technology skills that you’d like to fill? Then this is the course for you.

In this hybrid course, you will:

  • Learn to organize your desk top folders and get rid of expired (non-Common Core) lessons.
  • Create new folders and upload your ideas to common and external drives
    Learn to use google docs for education
  • Organize existing, and create new smart board lessons, organized by Modules, including mini-lessons on animation, sound, color, etc.
  • Create or update your e-board, including addition of parent links, and vocabulary pages (which align with the district SLO).
  • Participate in a webinar (as part of the online requirement of the course), and report on it to the class.
  • Investigate websites and link lessons to them.
  • View and discuss the professional development Common Core videos on

Deadline for registration: February 24, 2015

To register please download this form and return to the Owl Teacher Center.


OWL Teacher Center
Get Yourself Googled
Instructor: Tina Mottl

Grades 6-12
15 hrs; 1 inservice credit
Dates: Thursdays, February 26; March 12, 26; April 16, 30
Time: 3:30-6:30 p.m.
Site: Lindenhurst High School, Library Media Center
Fee: $35

Get yourself introduced to Google Drive. Whether you’re a Google novice or someone who has dabbled, this class will give you the knowledge and skills to apply Google Tools to your classroom practice.
Participants will explore Google Applications such as Google Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, Forms, Sites and Classroom. Teachers will have opportunities to create lessons in each of these applications for immediate use in their classrooms.
This course addresses the CCLS by providing skills in using an organizational and collaborative tool to incorporate all NYS Common Core Learning Standards.

Learn to create, share and organize with Google Drive.


Deadline for registration: February 19, 2015

To register please download this form and return to the Owl Teacher Center.




If you have questions about this program, please feel free to email the director, Jennifer Bova, at


The OWL Teacher Center
350 Daniel Street
Lindenhurst, NY 11757


























Local Workshops and Resources designed specifically for parents of preschool through high school students.

Emotional Intelligence Solutions

Educating the Heart and the Mind
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