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As of July 1, 2012, the OWL Teacher Center will be collecting fees for courses and workshops due to severe cuts in our funding. One credit courses will be $35, 2 credits $70, and 3 credits $95. Professional circles will also be $35. Workshop fees will vary according to number of hours. There will be a $50 service charge for graduate courses in addition to the tuition paid to the college.
We hope that you understand the impact of losing 75% of our funding for 2013, and that these fees will help sustain us in these very difficult times.

To request SAS Curriculum Pathways training for groups of teachers, please email the director at


DASA Training at the OWL Teacher Center

The Dignity for All Students Act requires all newly certified (December 31, 2013 and after) educators to undergo a minimum of 6 hours of training by a NYS certified provider.
The OWL Teacher Center, a state certified provider, is offering 6 hour workshops for all New York teachers who are required to take them. Workshop dates will be added according to demand.
Our instructors will be conducting the workshops according to the following schedule:


Workshop Schedule for July 2015

DASA Training at Lindenhurst High School

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
8:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Lindenhurst HS – 2nd Floor Library/Computer Lab
300 Charles St.
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

To register, print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.


Workshop Schedule for August 2015

DASA Training at Lindenhurst High School
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
8:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Lindenhurst HS – 2nd Floor Library/Computer Lab
300 Charles St.
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

To register, print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.


iPads in the Classroom:
A Blended Learning Course for Beginners

15 hours, 1 inservice credit
K-5 and Special Areas

Approved for advancement to MA75

Instructor: Caitlin Curran

Whether your goal is to enhance your instruction, become more organized, or find new ways to motivate your students in the coming year, then this is the course for you. This beginners’ level course will teach you the basics of incorporating an iPad into your daily planning, instruction, and organization of your classroom and students.

As a blended learning course, the majority of the work will be completed using an online platform to communicate, collaborate, submit assignments, and obtain feedback from the instructor. Participants will be expected to attend two face-to-face sessions, in addition to the online segment.

It is recommended that you use your own iPad if you own one. If you do not have your own, the OWL Center will lend you one for the length of this course.

This course meets the following ISTE Standards:

1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology to facilitate
experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both face-to-face and virtual environments.

2. Engage in professional growth and leadership
Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources.

Face to Face Sessions: July 6 & August 10, 2015 12-3 p.m.

Online Segment: 9 hours to be completed between the two face-to-face sessions.

Site: Lindenhurst, Daniel St. Elementary School Room TBA

Fee: $35 for the course (plus $20 deposit for the iPad loan, if needed)
*If you have already taken a basic iPad course with Caitlin Curran, Lindenhurst teachers will not receive credit for this course.

To register, print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.


Using Technology & 21st Century Skills in the Classroom
Instructor: Sean Fox

Approved for advancement to MA75
for Lindenhurst teachers.

30 hours, 2 inservice credits Grades K-12
Dates: M-F, July 6-10, 2015 Time: 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
Location: Lindenhurst MS, Room S215 Fee: $70

This course is designed to provide educators with historical background of 21st Century Skills and their relationship to Common Core Standards. In this course, teachers will:

  • develop hands-on skills and knowledge for implementing Google Applications in their classrooms.
  • create and enhance your own lessons while aligning them with the CCLS.
  • learn methods for organizing student collaboration on a digital platform.
  • learn skills needed to incorporate multimodal elements into daily lessons.
  • acquire the knowledge for vocabulary enrichment, back-channeling, digital peer-editing, and creating presentations.
  • learn how to set up accounts, class folders, and student archives, and how to organize student work.
  • develop practical knowledge and skills that can be incorporated into your classroom in September.

Deadline for registration: June 29, 2015


Print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.



Your local site of the National Writing Project on Long Island
2015 Summer Invitational
at Nassau Community College
DATES: July: 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15 and 16
HOURS: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


  • joining a nationally acclaimed professional learning community that puts the knowledge and voices of teachers at the center;
  • discovering the power of your own writing and scholarly inquiry;
  • developing the skills and confidence to take your writing instruction into the digital age;
  • spending time gathering fresh tools and effective strategies for reading and writing with the Common Core
  • having a professional home that connects you to the support, resources, and opportunities that will help further your career.

The Long Island Writing Project (LIWP) Invitational Summer Institute brings together a select group of reflective practitioners in all academic content areas and at all grade levels, kindergarten through college. Supported by the LIWP teacher leaders and each other, these teachers will spend two weeks immersed in writing, reading, and teacher inquiry, ultimately returning to their classrooms empowered to bring their students to higher levels of performance. In addition, as LIWP teacher fellows, they will have a multitude of opportunities to continue their own professional development. In this way, the summer institute represents the first step in what thousands of writing project teacher-leaders around the country have described as a career-transforming journey.

: Three Hofstra graduate hours are also available upon application.

Contact ... Darshna Katwala, Co-Director, at <>

NATIONAL WRITING PROJECT VISION: Writing in its many forms is the signature means of communication in the 21st century. The NWP envisions a future where every person is an accomplished writer, engaged learner, and active participant in a digital, interconnected world.

To register, print out this form or visit: WWW.NCC.EDU/LIWP


The OWL Teacher Center
Google Summer Camp
Instructor: Tina Mottl

Grades 4-12 15 hrs; 1 inservice credit
Dates: M-F, July 13-17, 2015 Time: 8-11 a.m.
Site: Lindenhurst High School, Library Media Center Fee: $35

Come get your feet wet! Immerse yourself in the world of Google. Whether you’re a Google novice or someone who has dabbled, this class will give you the basic knowledge and skills to apply Google Tools to your classroom practice. It will change the way you run your classroom.
Participants will explore Google Applications such as Google Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, Forms, Sites and Classroom. Teachers will have opportunities to create Common Core lessons in each of these applications for use in their classrooms in September.
This course addresses the CCLS by providing skills in using an organizational and collaborative tool to incorporate all NYS Common Core Learning Standards.

Learn to create, share and organize with Google Drive.
Deadline for registration: July 6, 2015

Print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.


L.Y.C. / Project P.A.T.C.H. – 2015 Summer Institute
“ Civic and Media Literacy for Engaged Citizen Scholars”
4-Day Law and Civic Education Professional Development Opportunity

30 Hours 2 in-service credits
Grades K-12 3 Graduate Credit Option Available
Fee: $60 per registrant Dates: June 29 – July 2, 2015
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Place: Touro Law Center, Central Islip

Special Keynote Presentation
Karen Korematsu, The Korematsu Institute
Discussing the landmark Supreme Court Case Korematsu v. United States and her father’s legacy as a civil rights icon.

LYC (The Law, Youth and Citizenship Program of the New York State Bar Association) and Project P.A.T.C.H. (Law and Citizenship Education Program of the Northport - East Northport U.F.S.D.) will offer this 4-day, 30-hour in-service Summer Institute at Touro Law Center, Central Islip, NY. This is a great opportunity to learn new strategies and obtain new resources (materials provided) to develop your professional skills in the area of Law-Related Education. The 2015 Institute offers 2 separate strands. Select the one that best meets your training needs. Note that Strand #2 is a new offering. The strands are:

#1) News Literacy - This training will empower classroom teachers to develop essential skills in the new C3 Framework for College, Career and Civic Life for all students. In the “digital age” our students are constantly bombarded by information from multiple media sources. To be informed, engaged and responsible citizens our students must be able to determine what information is news, what information is credible, what information is fair (unbiased), and what information is “actionable”. Developed in partnership with the Center for News Literacy in the School of Journalism at Stony Brook University, this strand will allow for guided exploration of the News Literacy Curriculum as well as opportunities for each participant to work with content and instructional experts to tailor turn-key resources and strategies to meet their own students’ instructional needs and learning outcomes.
(Faculty- Janis Schachter)

#2) Civic Literacy / American Law for Educators – This new training will empower teachers with greater knowledge of the American Legal system in order to foster improved instruction related to the law, our legal system, our Constitution, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. The essential role of teachers and our schools (working in partnership with all stakeholders) to foster core civic habits, knowledge, and dispositions in all students to sustain and support our democracy will be explored. Turn-key instructional resources and expert presenters will be featured related to Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, the trial process, and the impact of law and the legal system on the operation of schools (especially as relates to the legal rights and responsibilities of students, teachers and school leaders). As retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has stated, “the fundamental skills and knowledge of citizenship are not handed down through the gene pool. They must be taught and learned anew by each generation.” This strand will meet this challenge by empowering teachers from all grade levels and disciplines to build civic knowledge and foster civic engagement for all students. Connections will be made to the new C3 Framework for College, Career and Civic Life.
(Faculty- David Scott)

DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS TO THE P.A.T.C.H. OFFICE AT (631) 262-6874 or e-mail David Scott at
Register online now at



The OWL Teacher Center presents a new summer course…
Enhancing Teaching and Learning with
Effective Formative Assessments -
Assessments for Learning

Grades K-5, AIS Math, AIS Reading, ESL

Instructor: Michelle Schor

Approved for advancement to MA75 for Lindenhurst teachers

15 hours, 1 in-service credit Fee: $35
Dates: M-T-W, June 29 - July 1 Time: 9am - 2pm
Site: Lindenhurst, Rall Elementary School Room: 203

This 15-hour course provides an in-depth examination of formative assessments - assessments for learning, not of learning. Participants will examine the five key strategies for creating effective formative assessments and learn to address them in their daily lessons. We will look closely at:

  • the key strategies of clarifying, sharing, and understanding learning intentions and criteria for success;
  • engineering effective classroom discussions, activities, and learning tasks that elicit evidence of learning;
  • providing feedback that moves learning forward;
  • activating learners as instructional resources for one another; and
  • activating learners as owners of their own learning.

Participants will apply these strategies as they create formative assessment plans to be utilized as a routine part of their instructional practice.

The course is open to teachers in grades K through 5, as well as teachers of AIS Math, AIS Reading, and ESL, which will provide opportunities for communication across grade levels and disciplines.

Take this opportunity to develop and grow professionally (Danielson Rubric 4d), while you learn to design student assessments (Danielson Rubric 1f), engage your students in learning (Danielson Rubric 3c), and use assessments in your instruction (Danielson Rubric 3d).

Please contact Michelle Schor ( for a list of materials needed for the course.

Deadline for registration: June 22, 2015

Print out this form and send to the OWL Teacher Center according to the instructions.





Do you love to write? Do you feel that writing is something you were born to do? Or is writing something you have always wanted to try? If you can answer yes to any of these questions and you are interested in flexing your literary muscles alongside other teens, then The Long Island Writing Project’s Creative Writing Retreat for Teens is the perfect place for you.

This two-week adventure is designed specifically to meet the needs of high school students, grades 9-12, as well as strong middle-school students, who have a burning desire to write creatively in any genre. You will have opportunities to develop your craft, share your work, gain valuable feedback, and publish your work in a group anthology. This course is open to all writers, regardless of past experience, who have not previously attended an LIWP Teen Writers’ Retreat.

July 6–9 - Monday through Thursday
July 13–16 - Monday through Thursday
The day will start at 9 and end at 3. This schedule includes an hour for lunch. Participants can bring a bagged lunch or they can buy food at the campus food court.

This year’s retreat will be held on the campus of Nassau Community College located in Garden City. Please be advised that transportation to and from campus will not be provided. Transportation will remain the responsibility of the participant.

The retreat has a rolling admissions policy, so applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. The group will have two teacher-leaders and approximately twenty students.

The cost of the retreat is $350 per participant if registered before June 1st and $375 for registrations that are received after June 1st. A limited number of need-based partial scholarships are available.

Contact Information
To find out more information about this exciting opportunity you may contact:
Darshna Katwala, Co-Director, Long Island Writing Project, at 516.572.7464 x25373
or e-mail

Register at: WWW.NCC.EDU/LIWP


Teacher Center
Back by Popular Demand...

Google Apps for Education
and the Paperless Blended

Instructed by Erik Eve

45 hours, 3 inservice credits Time: 8 a.m.-3:10 p.m.
Site: Lindenhurst Middle School, Room S218 Fee: $95
Dates: M-F, August 10-14, 2015 Plus 9 hour online component  

This course is approved for advancement to MA75 for Lindenhurst teachers.

This program is open to all teachers, Grades 6-12, interested in all aspects of Google Apps for
Education to design lessons and units in their subject areas. Using Google Apps for
Education as a bridge, participants will learn how to design and build a paperless classroom.
Teachers will also explore the concepts of flipped, blended, differentiated, and project-based
learning environments.
Participants will be able to utilize new skills and knowledge, and can begin the process of
functioning in a paperless classroom as soon as school begins in September.

Download this form to read more and apply.




NYS Teacher Center Online Academy (OLA)
All OLA courses are 15 in-service hours. OLA Course Fee: $150 per course
Register using MyLearningPlan at
If you already have a MyLearningPlan ID, register at
Check the OLA catalog
for detailed descriptions, course requirements and expectations before registering!

July 7, 2015 – August 20, 2015

Best Practices in Comprehension with RTI
Approved for MA75 for Lindenhurst teachers.
Co-Instructors: Kerri Crawford and Emily Peterson
Grade level: K-12

Inspired by Response to Intervention, this course will give elementary teachers a treasury of books to use in their instruction of research-based interventions. This course is for teachers who are interested in improving their Tier One instruction and/or providing interventions for their Tier Two students. After a data analysis of their class, teachers will determine the areas of greatest weakness in reading and prepare lessons for their students. Participants will share these lessons, using resources gathered throughout the course.

Digital Resources to Complement Learning Styles
Approved for MA75 for Lindenhurst teachers.
Instructor: Denise Lewis
Grade level K-12

The primary goal of this course is to acquaint educators with 21st century tools to differentiate instruction for diverse learners. Participants will be able to customize and upgrade lesson plans with digital tools and web-based resources that will address the unique needs of students. Digital Resources to Complement Learning Styles will provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to connect students with standards-based curriculum through easy to use Web tools.

Unpacking the New York State ELA Common Core Standards
Approved for MA75 for Lindenhurst teachers.
Instructor: Emily Peterson
Grade level K-8

The Common Core Learning Standards are designed to be robust and relevant. As a part of the Regents Reform Agenda, NYS has provided a wealth of information to make the necessary changes. This course will explore the standards, the necessary shifts needed in our instruction and the NYS Common Core Curriculum.

Using Google Tools for Collaboration, Enrichment and Differentiation of Instruction

Instructor: Dorit Eilon
Grade level K-12

This fun and engaging course offered by a Google Certified Educator, is designed to provide information and examples of various Google tools available to enhance the learning experiences of different learners. Participants will explore Google Earth, Google Docs (collaborative presentations, spreadsheets, documents and forms) Google Apps and Google SketchUp. Examples of how these tools can be integrated with different subject areas that are aligned to national and NYS standards will be shared. To complete this course, participants will create online collaborative materials, mini project and develop a plan to implement Google tools into their curriculum to promote learning in a 21st century environment. Participation in discussions, sharing of ideas and feedback is important, enlightening and promotes professional growth.

  • All courses require internet access and a comfort level with email, Microsoft Word and uploading documents. Some require knowledge of other technologies or programs.
  • Participants are expected to log in and work with the class site at least 3 times each week.
  • Scholarships may be provided through your local NYS Teacher Center.
  • Please secure approval from your home district, if needed, in advance.
  • Syllabi, Road Maps and Course Policies can be found on the OLA catalog along with the Standards for Online Learning, FAQ’s, and other useful information.
  • No refunds will be issued after the start of the OLA courses.

NYSTC OLA is administered by Rockland Teachers’ Center, 65 Chapel Street, Garnerville, NY 10923.
Questions? Contact Rockland Teachers’ Center: / 845-553-9516
NYS Teacher Center Online Academy is a program of the NYS Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers
with the support of New York Institute of Technology.



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If you have questions about this program, please feel free to email the director, Jennifer Bova, at


The OWL Teacher Center
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